Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Fever!!!

I NEVER paint flowers or almost nAdd Imageever.
After looking at the pictures on line I went back and removed the pears. I like it better.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One person.. big change


Check out what my friend is doing for the women in Mexico. It is a small step but a big one for the women.
This allows them to support themselves and their family..
The bags are great.. ( I own several)
This is a chance for you to make a difference.. buy a bag..!!! AND please share this post... we can make a change and it starts with one small bag!!! PLease help.....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ojala.......Kids learning art, music and more

I spent the afternoon in the country just outside of San Miguel de Allende watching the most amazing group of women, mexican and american teaching over 50 children art and so much much more!!
This group of children are among the poorest of the poor. Not all but most have no running water or electricity in their homes. A family of 6 children are living in an old burned out van with two mattress... and nothing else..
The meal served (more a snack for most kids I know) is sometimes all they may have had that day... Today it was 1/2 a cheese sandwich , one carrot stick and 1/3 of a banana. This is all donated food. ALL this work is done with volunteers and donations... HINT HINT....
Please check out the web site... I got some photos today which I share.. and the website is full of great info and photos...


WE ARE a prototype after school program for rural Mexican students.

WE ARE Rancho San Miguel Viejo kids: Girls and Boys ranging in age from five to fifteen.

WE ARE adult volunteers: Mexican, American and Canadian, many with a teaching background. All with a common goal of assisting curious
children reach creative goals and develop self-confidence.

WE ARE OJALA kids and we are directed in all aspects of art, music and language by caring adults.

WE ARE Elsmarie Norby's mission for Mexican rancho children and WE all strive to set a platform from which future after-school programs may develop.

WE ARE funded by generous donors.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Parade

Today Good Friday it the holiest of all Holidays in Mexico. This morning was the procession to crucify Christ. This evening was the procession to bury him... it is huge huge parade. This was my view of the parade!! Not wanting to push thru the crowds I went home... It is the same every year but still a beautiful site.. I just need to get there earlier next year.