Monday, December 27, 2010

New Friends....

Visiting with our new Mexican friends...

Duck pond!

Christmas in Mexico...

Talking with Dad in Afghanistan!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas morning in San Miguel de Allende 2010

Different but fun Christmas morning!! MORE pictures shortly!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Roof

My home has a center courtyard... open to the sky... by the end of today it will be closed with a new glass roof.
No more dodging the rain to run to my back room, and hopefully the house will be warmer!!!! My goal is warm!!!!
I am trying not to watch the process because these guys are way up in the air!!!!!
Here are a couple of pictures...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mi Familia

Well one gringa learned a lesson the last couple of days.
My mexican family group has decided that they like living where they do and they do not want to move. I did find them a clean , nice, safe apartment but they were not allowed to bring their 5 dogs and 5 cats so they choose to stay where they are, in a mud hut with no windows, doors, water, lights and no bathroom..
To me the most important thing was getting the children to a warm place. I have had to let go of that and realize that was my dream not theirs. They are happy and simple don't want something better.
This has been very hard for me to wrap my head around... and I am not sure I have been able to do that yet.
BUT thank you all so much for the offers of help. I will still give them food and blankets ... but for now they are where they want to be. I guess we should all be so lucky...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Book Movement in San Miguel De Allende

If I still had a baby book I would so be writing this in the Book...

TOday at the tender age of 62 I rewired a lamp!!! Best part I went and bought the parts in Spanish!!! I just had to brag!!

On a much more serious note... I have adopted a family of 7 people. I AM ASKING FOR HELP
5 children and parents. Ana has been collecting my trash for over 4 years .. never once has she missed ... while pregnant or the day AFTER she had the babies.
This week her husband who has returned from the USA had an accident. She ask me to drive her to the hospital which of course I did. The husband had stitches and a bad concussion. He got settled away and she ask me to drive her home .. HOME is not what I would call it...
They live in a mud hut with a board roof held down with rocks, No windows, doors , water, lights ... NOTHING... they sleep on the ground. IT IS VERY VERY COLD night.
I had no idea this family was in such need. I have found them a small house to rent... Two bedrooms with kitchen, for about $150 USD a month. I plan to pay the rent for at least 6 month until they can get on there feet and set up with the gov programs.

At least they will have water , toilet.. but no hot water or heat. I did find a cooking stove for them today so they will have something. Also have been donated two blow up matteress.
These people are the poorest of the poor. SO poor that the social services can not help.
Because they did not have a "REAL' address they could not apply for help... so now with help they will have an address. Plans are in the works to get them in the system. Despite ALL of this hard ship her 3 oldest children are in school and she wants them to stay there... She is a mom so worth helping.
They need so much, I am collecting whatever you have ... if you live here in San Miguel I will come get it... if you live out of Mexico Money is always welcome... I will control it and you can be assured it will go to this family.
A friend of mine knitted them some hats to help keep warm... Thank you Michele... EVERY little big helps... small rug, a pan, a plate, cleaning supplies.. sheets , blanks etc...

Meet the family IN THEIR HATS>..
:Ana the mom, Jesica 11, Oscar 14 , Julisa 1, Gabriela 3 , Monse 9
Get your Christmas spirt out... if you can not help then send a prayer... they can use all of them.
Happy Holidays... Victoria...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Show

Flowers and more flowers... my new show at my gallery!!