Friday, July 18, 2014


I had the most amazing experience last Tuesday July 15.  I was ask to the graduation for the children of the young family I have helped at times....

Monise got out of Elementary School and ask me to stand with her as her GodMother or Madrina.  Made me very proud to have that honor.

Early that day I was invited to watch Oscar and Jessica graduate from High School...I am so proud. They are the first ever in their family... they will now go on to  Preparatoria!!
High School Graduation.
My role as Madrina...

The entire family except Oscar who stayed home to draw with the new pencils and chalks I had given him!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Promises to Post More Often! ja ja ja

My how time flies... I know that is an old saying but really it is true.    Last update was last October for the Day of the Dead!  

  So what have I been doing?  A lot of artwork, some teaching and a lot of messing in my garden!!! The photos show it in the rain... LOTS AND LOTS of rain.. In fact I keep turning around and around so that I don't grow moss on my North side..

  The rain is great for the plants but makes it hard to get out there and get something done.. Along with rains I have a torn tendon in my right foot which has made the last 7 weeks of my life hell!!!! Starting yesterday it felt much better.. I was even able to walk a bit on the cobblestones.. very carefully!!!  LIKE VERY... today I am at the Gallery and I only had to stop once walking into the Aurora.. I would prefer a broken bone... much less painful and quicker to heal...

My new art work is posted on my website.. have a look and tell me what you think.. the web site is new work is Labeled New Work under Mixed Media.. ( I know very original !!!  )