Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is the day of OUR Lady OF Guadalupe... A wonderful if LOUD day in Mexico....
Party started last night and will go on all night tonight.... Glad I snuck in a 5 hour nap... In fact I napped so long this afternoon my 'familia" thought I had died.... I was just tired... I have so many friends and am sooooooooooooooo lucky

MY housekeeper is off on a date... she blushes so cute... I hope this 'boy" is worth her..... I will be interviewing him soon!!!
hugs to all and to all a good Guadalupe night!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Clean hair

Small things can make a big change in your life. I got my hair shampooed today and it feels wonderful.

My girls with the help of my Dr figured out how to do my head with out the movement of the spine... just feels nice to be clean... even got new sheets.... tomorrow ...maybe the body.... so don't be afraid to visit!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

no shampoo

Here is my Mexican Christmas tree..... great view from the potty chair...

No energy for hanging the head over the bed for a shampoo... maybe tomorrow...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beautiful Day in San Miguel de Allende

Had a great day visiting with friends, eating to much food... this MUST stop. I swear they feed me every 20 minutes... Mexican food is NOT lo cal!!!
Blogging may become my new pass time along with kicking butt on CafeWorld on Face book...

THis is my current view.... any ideas for creating an art piece would be most welcome... I am considering ribbons... Lots of ribbons and sewing bright shinny balls, toys, or Milagros on the ends... or maybe I can fill it with pine branches... don't use it this time of year... but that might upset the dust bunnies living up there...

I got a small ficus tree decorated for Christmas. IT is out in the open little courtyard next to my bed... Well I had help with the decorating... I got to watch... I do miss the smell of pine but maybe some one can find me some branches to use. I can have the ladies lay them in the fountain ... which fills the night air with the sounds of running water.
My windows are wide open and the cool air is blowing over the bed. Will make for a great night of sleep. And in the morning the windows go shut and I get to turn on the room fireplace for a while. The cats love it... Might even start a photo essay of learning to live in a to a potty chair... BUT MY potty chair is nicely covered... I am using a beautiful throw from Costa Rica. ( eat your heart out Martha)
Spent time on spanish... have to ... it is the only way I have to talk to my 'staff'
(I consider them my new best friends!!!) So will be taking this time to FINALLY learn how to say things correctly and not just grunt and point. THO I am fluent in grunt and point. I learned it in Germany! Since this is my home I think learning the lingo is a wise thing. MOst the words I have learned lately were taught to me in the hospital by my nurses... tho I was warned not to use them in mixed company.. since there are no men in San Miguel...this will not present a problem. Most were about cursing in spanish about pain and stupid doctors...

Now I find I need words for ' Can you find____
' I just dropped my_________________
' My soup is falling in my hair____
Okay go lay flat in your bed and eat a bowl of chicken soup....
I have baby wipes EVERYWHERE....
For a really big day tomorrow I am going to see if we can wash my hair... remember I can not sit up.... thinking of hanging my head over the side of the bed...suggestions are welcome...

OH and one great benefit to my life in a back brace... wow do you get cleavage... not sure where it is coming from ...but .... oh forgot to mention it does push it out the other way.... not so pretty but then that is under the covers...
Real mean back brace arrives on Tuesday or Wed... with a fitter to make sure it is tight enough... oh boy...

AH it is mid night and my neighbors are moving their furniture... does not matter... I am not sleeping...
I am starting to study the book the Secret... has any one done that?
Not sure why I am writing this post because I am thinking I will be the only one to read it...
But it is something to do...
Well when my time permits I will write again... my social life is just packed right now...


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CHANGES ONCE AGAIN in San Miguel de Allende

Well when you think the world is cutting you a break and you are ready to get on with life you get slapped in the face!! This time I got slapped in the back .... 17 days ago I broke my back....
NIGHTMARE..... I am going to tell the story here and then stop talking about it to anyone... I want to stop thinking about it .... I have been told I have a LONG recovery ahead of me. Including time in the USA at a hospital. That is when they can move me. So why talk about it.... the subject of me and my back is very boring.... so from now on I am thinking of just writing fiction for my blog... some thing that makes me sound like I have a real life.... could be fun..... alot more fun that talking about tissue lesions, broken L2 and all else involved with the problem...oh did I mention a possible neurological problem that is making me fall.
Tho I am taking suggestions for the best back clinic in the USA... Hopefully one plane ride (SHORT) away...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Among the living!!

Doing much much better... what a scary 5 weeks that was. I know I do not want pneumonia ever again...
Had two sets of great company that I could not play with... but was nice to have company....
More soon!! vicki

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Chloe!!

Hard to believe but my beautiful Granddaughter is 3 years old today!!!!
WOW......she is so cute!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HANNA laughing....

Love this picture of Hanna laughing...
I am still on bed rest with crummy lungs... but getting better just taking to long... whine whine

Sunday, October 11, 2009

bilateral pneumonia

That is the name of the game I have been playing.... Did 3 days in the hospital and am now home on bed rest. Started as a virus..( I thought a head cold) and went to bilateral pneumonia in about 24 hours... scary and fast.
Hope to get back to posting soon.... Much better today... as long as I don't move around much.
Something strong is going around San Miguel right now. Have a lot of friends sick.. AND NO I was not around all of them.
Thanks to everyone for all the attention I have been getting...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Life with Chloe

Check out my granddaughters blog... she is raising money for Down Syndrome. From her blog you can click on the Buddy Walk ... then click on her name or her moms name.. (Kelly) and if you can will help many!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

Glad to be home even tho the town is blowing up with firecrackers!!! September is Independence month in Mexico... ( HELLO !!! Cino de Mayo is a USA Mexican holiday!!! made up by the beer companies!!!!) Real Independence day is Sept 16th!!! El Grito!!!
Glad to be home and starting to think about moving ... Pozos is looking good..... we will see...
Stay posted!!! if you care :-)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bare with Bear

Life is almost normal... mom is doing much better today... so now to keep everyone well until I leave on Friday!!! :-)

Monday, August 31, 2009


Kelly is now sick... spent the day in the Doctors office at the Hospital etc.. a lot of fun for everyone... looks like she has a bladder infection and after the many discussions with the drug store and her doctor she is on meds.. We hope they work... everyone was really worried about the nursing baby.... who seems not to care at all...
Personally.... I am tired...but glad I am here... I get baby Hanna tonight with her bottle... so Mom can get some sleep.... Did it last night also... think I will sleep for several days when I get home.

Todays plan was take Chloe to Chick fil-a .. Never been there and probably not going back but they have a nice play area and Chloe likes the nuggets... then she was suppose to play awhile get in the car and fall asleep on the way downtown to the doctor and STAY asleep while Mom was getting checked... DUH... forgot to tell Chloe... she played and then stayed awake the entire time.. She kept everyone in the Doctor's office laughing as she ran around giving kisses to everyone.... and then clubbing her new sister on the head.. with love...
The photo is Chloe playing at Chick=fil-A

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Update photos...

More photos tomorrow... as that is family picture day!!!
Chloe is 'starting' to accept the baby... but keeping an eye on her and Hanna out of reach is still a real good idea!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Miss Hanna and Chloe has a yogurt bath!!

I said I would not spoil my grand children.. but I was young then...
They are way to much fun to spoil. Chloe is better but not well..
So again this morning she had ice cream for breakfast. It is the only thing that did not hurt her tongue and throat... She finished that off with finger painting with her yogurt. Nothing that a bit of playing in the kitchen sink could not take care of!!
She is better tonight and had to eat dinner... NO Ice cream!! Lets just say it was a long evening and I am thinking that at breakfast tomorrow she will be hungry!!
I had forgotten how much work babies are!! BUT FUN..
I love playing with Chloe and hugging the new one... Chloe signed her first WHOLE sentence today... it was... " I want more ice cream" TO funny... she used 3 signs in a row!!
Hope to do family photos this weekend.. When Chloe's spots are gone!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hanna is home

Hanna is HOME!!!! She is doing great. Big sister Chloe is still very sick... I have been up with her since 4am... and know I will be again tonight...She saw her DR today and her crud... just has to run its course!!! Hopefully all is better tomorrow.. BUT this is a great diet... down 5 lbs.. going to call it the sick toddler diet.. might be a book in there somewhere!

so photos tomorrow....
Hugs and thanks to all who kept us in their prayers

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hanna..... 2 minutes old.. and Chloe

Chloe met Hanna today... lets just say I am sure it will get better....
Hanna got a small scratch on her face... it was love... :-) but the nurses thought Hanna had scratched herself.... so her little hands are now covered... The First time Hanna gets blamed for something big sister did...
Grandma loves it....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hanna Maria is Born on 21 August

Hanna , Chloe's baby sister was born today at 2:01pm
Mom and Baby are doing great!!
Thanks to everyone who kept them in
their prayers....
Tomorrow Chloe meets her sister.
Says the proud grandma
She was born the day before
her Grandfathers John and Mike's
shared birthday... August 22.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Timing Contractions

Sitting here watching my daughter's contractions. Tonight maybe the night!!!!
In the meantime I loaded this little movie of Chloe signing and singing the 'Alligator Song".
If you have nothing else to do have a watch... she is so cute...
AND keep Mommy in your prayers... she really wants to have this baby...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am about as far from the Mexican Mountains as you can get!!

I am in the land of heat, humidity and hurricanes. Having a great time watching my daughters baby belly and playing with Chloe!! Jacksonville, Florida is really pretty from the inside of a air conditioned car!!
We did go to St. Augustine this afternoon... hummmmm will go back but in the winter. Really a neat place if you could see through the sweat in your eyes!! Chloe had fun on the Merry Go Round... she went 3 times and then Grandma had to pry her hands off of the pole to get her off. I think we would still be going around and around and around if she had her way.
Time for to go to bed.. you never know when the stork is going to visit!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009



Thursday, July 30, 2009


Come see my latest painting. It will be on view this Saturday at the Fabrica la Aurora in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico... Fiesta Blanca de Verano is on 1 August 2009 from 6-9pm.

Come visit Gallery Kerlegand ... Building C Suite 6

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day in PJ's can be good!!!

I have spent the entire day at home. A real treat lately!!
I never got out of my pj's.... hey I did shower and put on clean ones...
The best part of the day is I got caught up on several projects that were hanging over my head...
I have been included in an article in a magazine about switching from watercolor to acrylic. I needed to sort slides and burn a CD and do some writing.. ( I am a visual person...writing... no)
But I did it and it is over!!!!! Now to mail it!

And I got the labels and inventory done for my 'One Women Show" in Pozos, Mexico!!! YEAH...
Was suppose to have them done yesterday but when I got up yesterday to go to Pozos I had no power in my house. They were fixing the lines!!!! SO I had to do handwritten labels... bad....
But the new ones are done... now to drive back to Pozos....
If you don't know Pozos check out this web site and then make your reservations...
HEY Kids I am thinking of moving there... :-)

Above are pictures of the new gallery in Pozos... This is a real statement in this little town by a Swedish woman who should write her story... it is amazing. She has a vision and I am proud to have been ask to be her first artist...
And may all of you have a PJ day soon.... hugs

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The end of the ankle saga!!!

A wee bit over a year ago I managed to break my ankle. AND I DID A GREAT JOB!! No little crack for me ...oh no I had to break every bone and tear the tendons. DO NOT WEAR flip flops on the streets of San Miguel de Allende. OH and the Margarita's were a bad idea!

While it has been a long year in many ways, 4 months of no weight on the leg, jumping around on a walker and staying in my downstairs with no shower it has passed.
Believe me when I tell you that you have no pride left when you beg your housekeeper to pour buckets of water, hopefully warm, over you while you sit in a plastic chair near your water fountain because it has a drain!!! Tons of fun. Sorry I don't have any pictures. :-)

Well two weeks ago I finished the ankle process with the removal of the screws and plate. Again not fun but easier than I thought.
I must tell the story of the removal. I remember very little of the placement of the hardware!
Except how high my cell phone bill was and I don't remember making any of the calls!

June 30 2009
My day started with a great friend driving me to Hospital de la Fe at 7am in the morning. Let's just say my friend and I were not aware that there was a 7AM in the morning.
After handing over my Credit Card... no credit no surgery... I was taken to the Emergency room. Okay we all know this is not an emergency but it seems this was the only extra room with a nurse who could prep me. (12 bed hospitals are small)
Pretty much laid there in the bed wearing the standard lovely gown (they are the same the world over) and sleeping for the next hour. ( THANK YOU VALIUM) So as not to have to worry about my civilian clothes they were left on my bed ON TOP OF ME...
When the anesthesiologist deemed it was time to arrive ( don't think he knew about 7 in the morning either) things finally started to happen. Since I consider the anesthesiologist to be the most important part of the team I did not mind waiting. ( Thank you Valium)
Things started happening in the fact they got me up, put booties (fit for an elephant foot) on my feet and had me walk to the operating room. GUESS the one wheelchair was busy.
The booties were so huge that I kept stepping on them and the nurse kept catching me... finally I walked with my legs as far apart as I could get them and sort of shuffled. Was afraid if I fell they would be putting in NEW screws and not removing them. Those booties might be a fund raiser for the hospital!!
I climbed up on the operating table and tried to relax... (valium was leaving my system).
This table had to be the smallest table in the world. I am NOT thin but in no way FAT. My cheeks were hanging off the sides of the table. This was not fun and at this point I am the only person in the operating room. A few minutes later people began to appear. The nurse who never wore gloves , the anesthesiologist with his drugs.... (I love him)... and the surgeon with his assistant.
Have you ever tried to roll on your side on the smallest table in the world? I did ask what they did with oversized patients.. they said it was not easy. The next thing I know everything below my waist no longer belongs to me!!

Then the real action... ( I am again loaded on Valium) I look up and there is this leg straight up in the air. Looks like mine but I sure can not feel it. Trust me when I tell you I knew my hip was going to hurt in the morning as my leg has not been that high in years. I decided I did not want to watch this any longer so I ask them to block my view.
Not a problem the anesthesiologist grabs the bottom of MY GOWN... clips one side to the lights with a clamp and then clips the other side to the IV post.. Okay now I can not see what they are doing but they sure have a clear view of EVERYTHING... (under ware is not allowed in surgery). Thank you Valium, I laugh...
About 3 minutes or so later the nurse comes over with a paper towel and two pieces of tape. She covers my privates... that was because the xray tech was coming in to take a picture of my ankle... guess he was not as lucky as everyone else!! In fact at this point I figure I would be on the next house and garden tour!!!
The sound of the screws coming out will be with me forever!!

Lucky for me they did not make me walk back to the recovery room... ONCE again the emergency room. I spent most of the rest of the day sleeping it off and praying that no one with a real emergency would come in!
Another wonderful friend arrived with a taxi and got me out of there... (after signing the credit card slip) Lucky for me the wheel chair was available.

It was an experience, but really not all bad... sort of funny (thank you Valium).
My ankle is great and the stitches came out today. ( that hurt worse!!) BUT the ANKLE saga is over!!! Everyone was really great to me... it was just different and thanks to drugs pretty funny. OH and most of this was in Spanish... adds a certain thrill to the adventure when you really don't know what anyone is saying!!

OH I did forget to mention that the day before the surgery I broke my little toe... but the good news is, it is on the same foot as I had the surgery on.. at least I didn't mess up both feet.

IF you made it is all the way thru this blog you are either a good friend or have no life!! :-)


Thursday, June 25, 2009


Just returned from a great trip to Puebla. A wonderful tree filled and church filled town. Gold leaf was abundant!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Come one come all.... Art Walk at Aurora!!

   Everyone is invited to the art walk at Aurora!!   Come around 6:30 or 7pm for the party in our gallery.   That is when the tequila comes out!!  See you this Friday 5th of June.

Great article about San Miguel and some of my friends!!!

Been There

Enjoy the article.... we are not all dodging the flu and bullets!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A few new encaustics...

Love playing with hot wax and my blow torch!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthday Party!

My studio mate turned 75 today.. I hope I look this good and am as brilliant when I reach 75.  Agnes has shown me this is an elegant age!!
  Agnes is a great artist and a super person to know... I was happy to celebrate with her today.  
Lunch today was at Casa Aves... a beautiful location with a lake and ducks.  The perfect place on a very hot day!!
  We have a group photo... I am the one with my eyes shut... oh well.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cat in a mask

Even my cat Luna is being careful about the flu.  She is a wee bit confused about where to wear her face mask.

Monday, April 27, 2009

What next, Locusts ?

  Sometimes life is just to exciting.  We have drug lords, swine flu and now a earthquake in Mexico City.    Mexico really does not need this.  
  Hopefully this will all pass quickly.
   Where I live all is quiet.  A few people are wearing masks and most people are avoiding groups.
   Schools are closed and most meetings cancelled.  Just good common sense.

Friday, April 24, 2009

My best friend

I have known MaryCarol for almost 50 years.  We met at birth!!

Back in San Miguel de Allende

   After three weeks of living out of a suitcase I am very glad to be home in San Miguel de Allende.
   I had wonderful visits with my children and grandchildren.  Everyone leads busy active lives.  I don't know how they do it except they are young.
    This is a photo of Kelly with my granddaughter Chloe, Me and Tracy with my grandson Reese.
  I look forward to getting back to my painting and drawing.  Also plan to take another spanish class. Maybe someday it will stick!!!
Reese age 9.5

Chloe  age 2.5

Monday, March 30, 2009

My new gallery

Here is a little video of my new Galeria in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!!!  

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Patsy's for lunch

What a wonderful day we had at Patsy's. Patsy's is a cooking school, party place and all around beautiful home in the country.
We started with a short drive to Patsy's place in the country. The roads are rough but fun as you go past cactus, villages and herds of cows. The mountain range surrounds you as you move down the road.
At Patsy's you are greeted like royalty as her small army of found dogs line up to welcome you.
As you follow Patsy on a tour of her 'ranch' you know that you are in a special place. In one corner of the property there is a sheep farm. Where else can you get to pet a day old lamb.
It was so cute and mom was so happy when he got handed back to her.

Finishing the tour of the ranch includes a visit to the ballroom lit by hundreds of silver stars, Patsy's year old private home... ( the bathroom is to die for) and the cutest sweetest little house that is available for rent.
After working up an appetite you are escorted into the kitchen for the start of your lesson.
You chop cactus, onions, peel peppers and more. This is a working lunch. AND all the time you are eating. By the time the 'real' lunch is ready you don't think you can stuff in another bite but guess what you can and you will.
To top it all off there is beer, margaritas or wine to get rid of the thirst you have built up with all the hard work.
You go home with a stuffed tummy and a folder full of wonderful new recipes!!

If you are in San Miguel de Allende and have an afternoon consider a visit to Patsy's it will be one of the highlights of your trip.
Now enjoy my little video of our group of friends eating and playing!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mexico City

I went with my friend Eschwan Winding to Mexico City this week.  We went to buy all the bees wax they had in Mexico..or at least it felt like it.  We carried back about 30 lbs to San Miguel de Allende.  Wonder how many bees it took to make that amount.  

I made a small funny video of our trip... 
You can view it here....  

If this does not work let me know... I am sure it will be up for an award in the next short film fest!!   

Sunday, March 8, 2009


For all of you who are still having winter, I thought you might enjoy pictures from my roof.
  I am sitting here with my lap top and coffee soaking up Vit. D.  My gardenias are in bloom as are the Jacaranda trees.  It is beautiful!!!   

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I am still very excited over last nights opening!
  It was great and so much fun!!!  A little over tired today but hey!!! 
 Here is a picture of my wall!  Will post more of the gallery as I can.
Today I am working in there if I can get myself dressed!!  It is a wonderful space and I hope a good space for all of us.
   Tracy thanks for putting me on your blog!!! 
Just remember wear all black for photos...takes off 15 pounds!!! and turn side ways... :-)

Friday, March 6, 2009

The New Galley

We opened tonight!!  It was great!!
I hope that this is great for all of us.
What a treat to be included with these beautiful young mexican men.  They are so talented and I am so honored!
  Come see our gallery!

Monday, March 2, 2009


   Had a student today... really enjoyed the time.  I like teaching but am going to take a short break and work on getting caught up with my own work!
  Painted my heart out today to try and finish some new work for my show on Friday.
  Tomorrow we hang the show at Aurora.  Brand new gallery in a really great old fabric mill in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.   
   If you are in the area on Friday stop by and say hi.... 
Gallery Kerlegand is located in Building C... Time is 5pm to 8pm

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tomorrow is my Birthday!!!  Another one... I am lucky. To many of my friends will never get another birthday.  From now on my favorite birthday will be my next one!!

  I open in a new gallery on the 6th of March... Really looking forward to it!!! Change is great...
The new gallery is in Aurora .  A wonderful old fabric mill that is now galleries and studios for artists!!  San Miguel de Allende is a wonderful place and my new location is going to be great!!
   Wait till you see the great artists I am with!!!... Love how life changes...

 Tomorrow is my birthday, Ash wed. and the Tibetan New year... what a combo!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another day under deep blue skies

Yes another day of sunshine!!  Oh well.  
   Going to be a bit of a quiet day and I like that.  Going to the studio to work.
My goal has been to find a place to live with a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor.
Living this summer with no shower and on a bed in the TV room was not my idea of fun.  Also I need a garden... not pots on my roof.
   So all of your reading this...( counting me is about 3) please think happy one story house thoughts for me!!!  

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire tonight with friends... very very interesting movie.  I have been in India and did see a lot of the poverty .... The movie is a bit hard to understand because while they speak English it is with an accent!!   But a very interesting movie.. but not an upper..until the Bollywood ending!!
In a couple of days we are going to get together again and watch Milk.... we are hoping to watch all the movies up for awards before the show in March! 
  Okay I admit I am watching pirated  movies.. but this is Mexico!!  Funny because the copies we are watching are the ones that are sent out to the academy  members to watch.... so it seems someone is making bucks by sending it to other countries!! And Juan at the coffee shop is making money selling them to us... He has every thing you could ever want.. 
   So off to bed and to thank the universe for the fact I can breathe.... you never ever want to have an attack where you can NOT get your breathe!!   It is very scary ...and living alone makes it real scary!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Never ever forget how wonderful it is to feel good!!!  I am truly  grateful for breathing...

   Worked the gallery today... but only for a month more and then I move up and on!!
   Today was the day to manifest what you want for the new year.  We had a Solar eclipses last night. 
"Solar Eclipses are always dates with destiny, it is time to contemplate your own destiny and the path your soul is calling you to follow."
   I spent all day planning for my healthy happy new grand baby and planning my new one story house with a tree and garden.  It is going to be a great year....
  AND I spent the day also thanking the universe for my daughters and their families.
  My perfect Grand son who has an e-mail!!! LOVE IT... and my perfect Miss Chloe who has the worlds most beautiful  smile!!
Life is good! and keeps getting better...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Out and about

I did walk to my mail to day... mainly so I could fax for money.  My tax bill this year is not pretty... so got to start planning now.
  I probably started walking that far a day early but I did it!!    Been resting since... 
BUT I AM better!!!  and feel really good  except tired... Tomorrow out to lunch with a friend. That will be a nice change!!!
  Then Sunday maybe a normal life... like working in my studio!!!  WHO knows...

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Nothing... just another day in PJ's and coughing...
BUT tomorrow... I am out of here... enough is enough!!  Besides need to get my mail and get the weekly paper!!! Still looking for my new one story house... ads are out tomorrow..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new day is dawning!

  I am very proud to be an American today.  My generation just handed over our country to the younger generation.  Please do a better job .
  How amazing to see all those people standing in the freezing weather on the mall!  Cheering, yelling, believing that the USA can change!  May they take the hope , happiness and joy they felt on the mall home and spread it to all corners of our country.  The only way we can be a truly great nation is to work together.    Been a long time since America has had such a reason to celebrate.
  THE entire world celebrated with us today!!   As I live in Mexico I can speak for the out pouring here.... every place that had a TV was packed with Mexicans, Canadians, Europeans and Americans.  All were cheering .    May this positive energy spread around the Globe.

My grand daughter Chloe watching our new President.  


Monday, January 19, 2009

One more day!!

One more day and the Shrub leaves office.  I do not expect Obama to be the next messiah but I do hope that his spirit, youth and energy will bring our country the energy it needs to redefine who we are and what we stand for.  Lord knows my generation has not done an outstanding job with our country.  I have a lot of faith and trust in our young people.

  Tomorrow I will lay on my sofa watching history.  Hoping to hear Obama's speech over my hacking!!!   Cough is a bit better but not gone.  If I don't move, don't talk and don't breath deep I can almost go for 30 min. without  a hack fest!!  

This is a picture of my cats playing on my fountain.  Lucky for them the water is off.  When I want to be mean I wait till they are on the fountain and turn the water on!!  I think they like it when the water comes on.



Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Day another cough

Still laying around trying to cough up lung.  Not much fun.   Cough cough cough cough cough... sleep ... cough cough cough cough.... if lucky sleep... ugh... hoping this passes soon... My ribs hurt .  
 I am warm and comfortable with my kitties sharing my  sofa...
  This to will pass...    Was suppose to go to the Opera today with Eva.  I gave  my ticket to another friend.  Hope they enjoy the tenors... and dinner before... boo hoo...sorry for me...

Here is one of my bees wax paintings. It is a great medium to play with.