Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire tonight with friends... very very interesting movie.  I have been in India and did see a lot of the poverty .... The movie is a bit hard to understand because while they speak English it is with an accent!!   But a very interesting movie.. but not an upper..until the Bollywood ending!!
In a couple of days we are going to get together again and watch Milk.... we are hoping to watch all the movies up for awards before the show in March! 
  Okay I admit I am watching pirated  movies.. but this is Mexico!!  Funny because the copies we are watching are the ones that are sent out to the academy  members to watch.... so it seems someone is making bucks by sending it to other countries!! And Juan at the coffee shop is making money selling them to us... He has every thing you could ever want.. 
   So off to bed and to thank the universe for the fact I can breathe.... you never ever want to have an attack where you can NOT get your breathe!!   It is very scary ...and living alone makes it real scary!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Never ever forget how wonderful it is to feel good!!!  I am truly  grateful for breathing...

   Worked the gallery today... but only for a month more and then I move up and on!!
   Today was the day to manifest what you want for the new year.  We had a Solar eclipses last night. 
"Solar Eclipses are always dates with destiny, it is time to contemplate your own destiny and the path your soul is calling you to follow."
   I spent all day planning for my healthy happy new grand baby and planning my new one story house with a tree and garden.  It is going to be a great year....
  AND I spent the day also thanking the universe for my daughters and their families.
  My perfect Grand son who has an e-mail!!! LOVE IT... and my perfect Miss Chloe who has the worlds most beautiful  smile!!
Life is good! and keeps getting better...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Out and about

I did walk to my mail to day... mainly so I could fax for money.  My tax bill this year is not pretty... so got to start planning now.
  I probably started walking that far a day early but I did it!!    Been resting since... 
BUT I AM better!!!  and feel really good  except tired... Tomorrow out to lunch with a friend. That will be a nice change!!!
  Then Sunday maybe a normal life... like working in my studio!!!  WHO knows...

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Nothing... just another day in PJ's and coughing...
BUT better...so tomorrow... I am out of here... enough is enough!!  Besides need to get my mail and get the weekly paper!!! Still looking for my new one story house... ads are out tomorrow..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new day is dawning!

  I am very proud to be an American today.  My generation just handed over our country to the younger generation.  Please do a better job .
  How amazing to see all those people standing in the freezing weather on the mall!  Cheering, yelling, believing that the USA can change!  May they take the hope , happiness and joy they felt on the mall home and spread it to all corners of our country.  The only way we can be a truly great nation is to work together.    Been a long time since America has had such a reason to celebrate.
  THE entire world celebrated with us today!!   As I live in Mexico I can speak for the out pouring here.... every place that had a TV was packed with Mexicans, Canadians, Europeans and Americans.  All were cheering .    May this positive energy spread around the Globe.

My grand daughter Chloe watching our new President.  


Monday, January 19, 2009

One more day!!

One more day and the Shrub leaves office.  I do not expect Obama to be the next messiah but I do hope that his spirit, youth and energy will bring our country the energy it needs to redefine who we are and what we stand for.  Lord knows my generation has not done an outstanding job with our country.  I have a lot of faith and trust in our young people.

  Tomorrow I will lay on my sofa watching history.  Hoping to hear Obama's speech over my hacking!!!   Cough is a bit better but not gone.  If I don't move, don't talk and don't breath deep I can almost go for 30 min. without  a hack fest!!  

This is a picture of my cats playing on my fountain.  Lucky for them the water is off.  When I want to be mean I wait till they are on the fountain and turn the water on!!  I think they like it when the water comes on.



Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Day another cough

Still laying around trying to cough up lung.  Not much fun.   Cough cough cough cough cough... sleep ... cough cough cough cough.... if lucky sleep... ugh... hoping this passes soon... My ribs hurt .  
 I am warm and comfortable with my kitties sharing my  sofa...
  This to will pass...    Was suppose to go to the Opera today with Eva.  I gave  my ticket to another friend.  Hope they enjoy the tenors... and dinner before... boo hoo...sorry for me...

Here is one of my bees wax paintings. It is a great medium to play with.

Friday, January 16, 2009





  These  are the latest paintings I have sold.
I am  now working in Encaustics.  Painting with beeswax... maybe I will post those tomorrow...

Add Image

A day not wasted!!

  I guess Grandma is not so old!!  I figured out how to blog.  Not that it was hard.  The hard part will be using it!!
  At least I had a useful day while  on the sofa with a crummy head cold and a cough that may break a rib!!