Friday, December 10, 2010

Mi Familia

Well one gringa learned a lesson the last couple of days.
My mexican family group has decided that they like living where they do and they do not want to move. I did find them a clean , nice, safe apartment but they were not allowed to bring their 5 dogs and 5 cats so they choose to stay where they are, in a mud hut with no windows, doors, water, lights and no bathroom..
To me the most important thing was getting the children to a warm place. I have had to let go of that and realize that was my dream not theirs. They are happy and simple don't want something better.
This has been very hard for me to wrap my head around... and I am not sure I have been able to do that yet.
BUT thank you all so much for the offers of help. I will still give them food and blankets ... but for now they are where they want to be. I guess we should all be so lucky...

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