Sunday, April 14, 2013

Some days... and more

Today has been a great day and a very strange day... what I think just shows up... strange but really cool... working on becoming  more aware and present.. so might start  just jabbing here... since I am the only one that reads this.. :-) .. and that is okay .. it is good to have a place to just let go ..
Went to a wonderful artist show today.. she quilts.. amazing amazing.. Art is found in so many places...
You are an artist if you get up in the morning and get dressed.. and it 'sort' of goes together.. art is found in cooking, cleaning , ironing .. all things in life are art.. take a look around you and learn to be an artist...
and MY grandson had a great soccer game today.. they beat an almost unbeatable team... Go Reese!!
so all in all one great  day!!!

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