Friday, July 11, 2014

Promises to Post More Often! ja ja ja

My how time flies... I know that is an old saying but really it is true.    Last update was last October for the Day of the Dead!  

  So what have I been doing?  A lot of artwork, some teaching and a lot of messing in my garden!!! The photos show it in the rain... LOTS AND LOTS of rain.. In fact I keep turning around and around so that I don't grow moss on my North side..

  The rain is great for the plants but makes it hard to get out there and get something done.. Along with rains I have a torn tendon in my right foot which has made the last 7 weeks of my life hell!!!! Starting yesterday it felt much better.. I was even able to walk a bit on the cobblestones.. very carefully!!!  LIKE VERY... today I am at the Gallery and I only had to stop once walking into the Aurora.. I would prefer a broken bone... much less painful and quicker to heal...

My new art work is posted on my website.. have a look and tell me what you think.. the web site is new work is Labeled New Work under Mixed Media.. ( I know very original !!!  )

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