Thursday, March 19, 2009

Patsy's for lunch

What a wonderful day we had at Patsy's. Patsy's is a cooking school, party place and all around beautiful home in the country.
We started with a short drive to Patsy's place in the country. The roads are rough but fun as you go past cactus, villages and herds of cows. The mountain range surrounds you as you move down the road.
At Patsy's you are greeted like royalty as her small army of found dogs line up to welcome you.
As you follow Patsy on a tour of her 'ranch' you know that you are in a special place. In one corner of the property there is a sheep farm. Where else can you get to pet a day old lamb.
It was so cute and mom was so happy when he got handed back to her.

Finishing the tour of the ranch includes a visit to the ballroom lit by hundreds of silver stars, Patsy's year old private home... ( the bathroom is to die for) and the cutest sweetest little house that is available for rent.
After working up an appetite you are escorted into the kitchen for the start of your lesson.
You chop cactus, onions, peel peppers and more. This is a working lunch. AND all the time you are eating. By the time the 'real' lunch is ready you don't think you can stuff in another bite but guess what you can and you will.
To top it all off there is beer, margaritas or wine to get rid of the thirst you have built up with all the hard work.
You go home with a stuffed tummy and a folder full of wonderful new recipes!!

If you are in San Miguel de Allende and have an afternoon consider a visit to Patsy's it will be one of the highlights of your trip.
Now enjoy my little video of our group of friends eating and playing!!

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