Monday, August 31, 2009


Kelly is now sick... spent the day in the Doctors office at the Hospital etc.. a lot of fun for everyone... looks like she has a bladder infection and after the many discussions with the drug store and her doctor she is on meds.. We hope they work... everyone was really worried about the nursing baby.... who seems not to care at all...
Personally.... I am tired...but glad I am here... I get baby Hanna tonight with her bottle... so Mom can get some sleep.... Did it last night also... think I will sleep for several days when I get home.

Todays plan was take Chloe to Chick fil-a .. Never been there and probably not going back but they have a nice play area and Chloe likes the nuggets... then she was suppose to play awhile get in the car and fall asleep on the way downtown to the doctor and STAY asleep while Mom was getting checked... DUH... forgot to tell Chloe... she played and then stayed awake the entire time.. She kept everyone in the Doctor's office laughing as she ran around giving kisses to everyone.... and then clubbing her new sister on the head.. with love...
The photo is Chloe playing at Chick=fil-A

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