Thursday, August 27, 2009

Miss Hanna and Chloe has a yogurt bath!!

I said I would not spoil my grand children.. but I was young then...
They are way to much fun to spoil. Chloe is better but not well..
So again this morning she had ice cream for breakfast. It is the only thing that did not hurt her tongue and throat... She finished that off with finger painting with her yogurt. Nothing that a bit of playing in the kitchen sink could not take care of!!
She is better tonight and had to eat dinner... NO Ice cream!! Lets just say it was a long evening and I am thinking that at breakfast tomorrow she will be hungry!!
I had forgotten how much work babies are!! BUT FUN..
I love playing with Chloe and hugging the new one... Chloe signed her first WHOLE sentence today... it was... " I want more ice cream" TO funny... she used 3 signs in a row!!
Hope to do family photos this weekend.. When Chloe's spots are gone!!

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