Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CHANGES ONCE AGAIN in San Miguel de Allende

Well when you think the world is cutting you a break and you are ready to get on with life you get slapped in the face!! This time I got slapped in the back .... 17 days ago I broke my back....
NIGHTMARE..... I am going to tell the story here and then stop talking about it to anyone... I want to stop thinking about it .... I have been told I have a LONG recovery ahead of me. Including time in the USA at a hospital. That is when they can move me. So why talk about it.... the subject of me and my back is very boring.... so from now on I am thinking of just writing fiction for my blog... some thing that makes me sound like I have a real life.... could be fun..... alot more fun that talking about tissue lesions, broken L2 and all else involved with the problem...oh did I mention a possible neurological problem that is making me fall.
Tho I am taking suggestions for the best back clinic in the USA... Hopefully one plane ride (SHORT) away...

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