Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is the day of OUR Lady OF Guadalupe... A wonderful if LOUD day in Mexico....
Party started last night and will go on all night tonight.... Glad I snuck in a 5 hour nap... In fact I napped so long this afternoon my 'familia" thought I had died.... I was just tired... I have so many friends and am sooooooooooooooo lucky

MY housekeeper is off on a date... she blushes so cute... I hope this 'boy" is worth her..... I will be interviewing him soon!!!
hugs to all and to all a good Guadalupe night!!!

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  1. I visited your page at ...

    and appreciated the brief virtual visit. I'm up north, where winter is in full force.

    If you ever need a hand getting an interview transcribed, that's what I do to help

    Alan Kelly, of

    Thanks for reading and writing.