Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire tonight with friends... very very interesting movie.  I have been in India and did see a lot of the poverty .... The movie is a bit hard to understand because while they speak English it is with an accent!!   But a very interesting movie.. but not an upper..until the Bollywood ending!!
In a couple of days we are going to get together again and watch Milk.... we are hoping to watch all the movies up for awards before the show in March! 
  Okay I admit I am watching pirated  movies.. but this is Mexico!!  Funny because the copies we are watching are the ones that are sent out to the academy  members to watch.... so it seems someone is making bucks by sending it to other countries!! And Juan at the coffee shop is making money selling them to us... He has every thing you could ever want.. 
   So off to bed and to thank the universe for the fact I can breathe.... you never ever want to have an attack where you can NOT get your breathe!!   It is very scary ...and living alone makes it real scary!!!

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